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"How Would You Like Us To Walk With You Step-by-step as you
Build Your VIRTUAL Mastermind and Add $100k in Revenue To Your Business 
In Just 5-10 Hour per month!"
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The Certainty you want... The Income You Want.... The Control Over Your Future You Want... Is Driven By The Knowledge You Share With Others...
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Surely You're Utterly Sick And Tired Of Not Having Consistent and Predictable Income...
Not anymore...
We're going to show you the exact step-by-step process to create, launch, and build a virtual mastermind during this special 21 Day 'Build A Mastermind' Challenge
My BIG question to you is... Do you need a Mastermind?
Here's Who This Works Best for Entrepreneurs, Coaches, and Consultants Who Want...
 To Create Certainty and Control In Their Business
 To Take Their Income Online
 To Use Your Time In A Leveraged Way To Serve The World
Who This Wont Work for Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants Who...
 Don't have a great attitude
 Don't follow simple instructions and take action
 Don't Think Masterminds will work for them
The 21-day 'Build A Mastermind' challenge Will help you:
Do Market Research The Right Way
There's a right way and a wrong way to do research, and not all data is created equal. 

Our proprietary process combines market research with lead generation so you can easily and effortlessly create a winning message, narrow down your niche and craft your perfectly irresistible offer. 

Follow these simple instructions from our proven process to the letter, and watch the clients start to roll in. 
Effortlessly Enroll Your Perfect Clients
Now that you have leads coming in, you'll want to enroll your perfect clients. We'll help you get your sales process dialed in so you can enroll easily and effortlessly. 
Generate Qualified, Interested Leads
Once you know who your people are and craft the perfect message for them... you've got everything you need to start organic, paid and lent traffic generation strategies.

This challenge is designed to kick start your mastermind into high gear in no time with our help! 

Get started today!
Run Your World Class Mastermind 
From tools to scripts, to exercises and worksheets, you want to run your mastermind with world class tools, tricks and strategies. 

Using our patented C.A.S.T.L.E formula, you'll never be stuck figuring out how to make your mastermind better, or wondering how it could be perfect! 
Here's how it works...
Once You Join The 'Build A Mastermind' Challenge! You Walk Away With... 
Your Irresistible Mastermind Offer Created...
Your Mastermind Built & Launched....
Start to Fill Your Mastermind and Get Testimonials...

I've been able to double the asking price for my services
"Once the mastermind got underway the real magic began to happen... If I had not signed on with Brad I would still be stabbing around in the dark of solo-preneurship."
- Ryan Charaba
Grown more in the last 8 weeks than in the last 8 months.
"The strategic planning. Unlimited resources. The network. The personalized mentorship. These are a few ways that MMM has ensured my greatness. "
- Amber Tacy
Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you're really getting...
  • ​21 Day 'Build A Mastermind' Challenge ($497 value)
  • BONUS #1 'Build A Mastermind' Challenge Transcript PDFs ($97 Value)
  • BONUS #2 ​'Build A Mastermind' Masterclass ($297 value)
  • BONUS #3 Magnetic Content Creation ($197 value)
  • ​​BONUS #4 Exclusive 'Build A Mastermind' Support Group ($97 Value)
That's well over $1,185 of Pure Value...
You Just Cover $497 $97 Today!
You'd actually be crazy not to ;)
Better sales, clear messaging, and overall clarity and confidence in my business
"Brad’s mastermind has been one of the greatest investments for my business to date."
- Kylie McConnell
From Devastating $18K Trading Loss To Massive Rebound With New Trading Methods
"Brad and the mastermind has given me the courage to access the parts of myself I need in order to keep moving forward in my journey. "
- Joely Robertson

You Can Get TEN (10) Members into Your Mastermind... Right!?
You Can Make Between $97 and $10,000+ Per Month For each person In Your Mastermind with Just One Of The strategies we teach
Imagine If You Could Build Your Mastermind to...
10 Members @ $100/mo = $1,000/mo Income...
10 Members @ $1,000/mo = $10,000/mo Income...
10 Members @ $10,000/mo = $100,000/mo Income...
What Will You Do With The Extra Cash Flow?
Do You Want to Learn How We Generated An Extra $250,000/yr for The Last Two Years From This One Strategy Alone?

You'll Get Access to The 21 Day Build A Mastermind Challenge Success Kit...
These will help you during and long after you complete the challenge

Free Bonus #1 ($97 value)
'Build A Mastermind' Cheetsheet and Printable Challenge PDFs
Get the Cheetsheet as a Quickstart Guide to move through the program at your own pace. Maybe you prefer to read or you'd like to be able to work in this while you're on the go and can't get to your computer. These printable PDFs will give you the freedom to build your mastermind wherever you go.
Free Bonus #2 ($97 value)
Build A Mastermind Masterclass

This masterclass is the mother lode. It's designed to give you everything you need to get your offer nailed and scaled in record time, including how to market, sell and facilitate your world class mastermind. 

Free Bonus #3 ($297 value)
Magnetic Content Creation
Have you ever heard of the "dog whistle effect"? We'll teach you how to craft winning copy that sells the right way, (hint, it's not written, it's assembled using a proprietary process) that has your ideal prospects running toward you because you're making a noise that only they can hear. 

Free Bonus #4 ($197 value)
Exclusive 'Build A Mastermind' Support Group
Exclusive Closed Facebook Group with like-minded entrepreneurs looking to build their very own mastermind. This group will become the accountability piece you need to make progress each day and keep your feet to the fire for seeing results over these next 21 days.

Free Bonus #5 ($297 value)
'Build A Mastermind' Coaching Calls
Access to our Build A Mastermind Coaches. Each week you'll have the opportunity to ask questions and overcome any roadblock or pitfalls that would keep you from selling out all seats to your next full mastermind.
Want Ongoing Support After You Complete The Challenge?
Our Team Can Help You...
You Can Request a FREE Strategy Session with A "Build A Mastermind" Certified Coach to Explore How We Might Help You Grow and Scale Your Mastermind Group. Here Are a Few Things They Can Help You With...
How Do I get Clear?
Clarity is the key and the name of the game. We will help you get clear in record time so you can move forward with confidence. A well defined and understood problem is half solved! And we're all about solving problems here. So let's get you clear, so you can easily move on to the next steps...
Help, I don't Know What To DO Next?
Once you are clear, you can take massive action using a step by step MAP (Massive Action Plan) that we will help you create on the call. Clarity plus action will put you on your way to ultimate success! But there's one more step.... 
Who Will Keep Me Accountable?
We will! We offer support, accountability and will form a trusted relationship with you throughout the challenge. And we can support you at any level you need. From beginner to intermediate to advanced, everyone at every level needs accountability! 
So, what happens after 21 days?
After The 21 Days You'll Need to Learn How to Continue to Grow your mastermind. Our Team Is Ready to show you the Exact Steps to Take So you can Leverage Online Marketing To Scale Your Business. And we have the Build A Mastermind program designed to Take you to the next level, just like it's done for countless others who are serious and ready to turbocharge their impact and income. 
Is there a guarantee?
I guarantee when you do the work and follow the process that at the end of the 21 days you'll have Built Your Mastermind, launched, enrolled members, and started the process of running your world class mastermind... but if you sign up and don't do anything or skip parts because you think "I know that"... then you're not going to get the results you desire, so do the work and you'll be happy with the results.
What’s next?
Click the button below to register for our upcoming 21 Day "Build A Mastermind Challenge"
What else do I want to know?
What are The Dates?
We are starting now! The sessions are prerecorded and we update the challenge once a year. There is always live support in the group. 

What other costs will there be?
Nothing if you don't want, but we're going to recommend tools that all have free trials or low costs, additionally you can use your existing system, it's completely risk free. If you decide to upgrade to the Build A Mastermind Family (the BAM FAM) for short, there is a larger investment to work with me and my team directly, you also get lifetime access to any content we create on building masterminds forever, all the bonus trainings, expert interviews, weekly coaching calls and more. 

Will I have to invest in Facebook ads?
No you don't have to, we're going to teach you a few FREE Lead generation strategies that work in every industry... but if you do run you'll be able to increase the speed you get leads. When you have the basics in place and want to scale, then we can help you do that too. One client, Chris, started out with zero marketing and sales know how, and has enrolled over 100 clients into his mastermind now. He uses instagram ads and gets $22 back for every dollar he spends! Now he is a special case, and not everyone will get those same results, but it's definitely possible when you have all the proper pieces in place. That's what we teach in our flagship prorgram, the Build A Mastermind Program (or the BAM FAM for short) which is the highest level of service and value we offer. 

How much time can I expect to spend?
We expect you'll spend about 30 minutes to one (1) hour each day between the training videos and implementing what you learned in the training depending on your skill level and commitment. The more you implement, the more impact and income you can have. The less you do, the less results you will see. So set your expectations accordingly. If you are committed, and are willing to work hard and smart, you will achieve everything you set out to and more. We have done and will do everything within our power to remove obstacles in your path and make this as easy as possible, but building a business is still a growth journey, and like it or not, success starts with you and your mindset!

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The 21 Day Challenge
You'll Get...
  • ​21 Day 'Build A Mastermind' Challenge ($497 value)
  • BONUS #1 'Build A Mastermind' Challenge Printable PDFs ($97 Value)
  • BONUS #2 ​'Build A Mastermind' Masterclass ($297 value)
  • BONUS #3 Magnetic Content Creation ($197 value)
  • ​​BONUS #4 Exclusive 'Build A Mastermind' Support Group ($97 Value)
Total Value $1,185
Today Only $497 $97
I've gained tremendous value and clarity through Brad’s mastermind
"He is brilliant and clever with his knowledge of solving problems and providing solutions. "
- Cherilyn Jones
You changed my life
"Brad’s mastermind is brilliant for three reasons : 
1) It attracts top-notch entrepreneurs who are willing to share their tricks of the trade and resources.
2) It is simply structured and high-speed, not wasting a breath.
3) I ALWAYS leave with a short list of implementable advice, action steps, and resources to connect with."
- Sylvia Becker-Hill